There are number of ways that you can ensure that your Winter moving experience goes as smoothly as possible.  Below are a few Winter Moving Tips that our team has accumulated over the years that can help you in preparation for your Winter move.

Shovel a Clear Path

This one seems pretty obvious, but its often a detail that gets forgotten in the hectic nature that moving can create.  Shoveling a clear path from the entrance of your home to the location that you have secured for the moving truck to park is key.  Make sure that this path is not just a walking path, but wide enough for furniture to be comfortably carried down.  We would suggest 4 feet wide if possible.  Also make sure you shovel a clear path to any other entrance to the home that may be used during your move.  This could be your basement door, or up the stairs of your back porch to a rear entrance.  Cover all of your bases so that you aren’t costing yourself time and money by having to shovel on moving day.

Protect Your Floors

Protecting your floors is at the top of our Winter moving tips list.  It doesn’t matter if you have brand new hardwood flooring or rug, you want to protect them.  When moving in the winter months it is unavoidable that your movers shoes will contain moisture, snow and very likely salt from the sidewalks as well.  Because it would be impossible to have your movers take their shoes off, you’ll want to lay something down as a pathway to walk on in your house.  Its really up to you what you use.  Some great options are runners, placing mats down so shoes/boots can be wiped off prior to entry, and asking your moving company if they offer floor pretection products.

Have a Backup Moving Date

Always keep an eye on the weather forecast the weeks leading up to your Winter move.  If there looks to be a bad snow storm coming the day of or around your move, discuss a backup date with your moving company.  This way you won’t have to face any surprises and work to reschedule if your move is unable to occur on the day that was originally planned for.

Take Special Care of Your Electronics

Your electronics REALLY do not like the extreme cold.  Take extra measures to ensure the safety of your high-value electronics.  If they’re going on the moving truck, make sure that they are thoroughly padded and placed on the end of the truck so that when you arrive at your new location, they can be the first thing to come off and get out of the cold.  If your electronic isn’t too large, traveling with it in your heated vehicle may be a great option and you’ll be able to get it into your home swiftly.

Check Your Utilities

Always check to make sure all of the utilities in your new home are turned on and functioning prior to your moving day.  Not having heat and power as you’re trying to move stuff into your new house and unpack can make moving a very miserable experience.  Go by your new place a couple of days before your Winter move and make sure everything is working well.


We hope that these Winter moving tips assist in making your moving day a success…and hopefully it doesn’t snow either!

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Winter Moving Tips