1606, 2020

Patio Furniture Storage

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced many businesses, particularly in the Boston area where we're located, to move their operations outside if they are able to.  Many restaurants have created outdoor seating to accomodate as many guests as possible.  Acquiring patio furniture for outside seating has been a big part of this outdoor movement.  In the near future, all of this patio furniture will need to be brought inside for the winter months.  This is where patio furniture storage comes into play. You as a bussiness might be lucky enough to have a set-up where you can maintain your patio furniture outdoors year round with some sort of covering/heating system.  Unfortunately for many, the weather in the northeast is just too unpredictable and cold to where they'll need to get that furniture out of the elements and covered before it becomes ruined and unusable for the upcoming warm weather months. Make Storage Plans Early It's never too early to begin thinking about your patio furniture storage plans.  The sooner you are able to button up the details of where your outdoor furniture will go when the weather gets cold, the sooner your can temporarily put it out of your mind and focus on more immediate business needs.  Making storage plans in a hurry when everyone else is trying to do the same thing can get hectic and stressful.  It can also lead to you choosing a storage option out of desperation that may not have [...]

1205, 2020

Safer Moving During Covid-19

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The purpose of this blog is not to share what we as a company are doing to keep customers safe, but to share how customers can proactively experience safer moving during Covid-19.  Like all other businesses operating at this time, we have had to take many new precautions and measures to keep our employees and customers safe as we continue to operate normally.  All of those planned and practiced measures will go for not if our customers do not also take all necesssary precautions to keep themselves, and our employees who will be working with them, safe as well.  Within this blog we are going to suggest some measures that you, as an individual moving during this difficult time, can take to ensure safer moving during Covid-19. Practice Social Distancing From Your Movers The best way to ensure safer moving during Covid-19 is to keep your distance from your movers while they are working.  We encourage you to leave the local premises while they are loading items out of your old place and into your new location.  If you must remain inside, stay atleast 6 feet away at all times.  If your reason for keeping close is to make sure everything goes in the right place, take the time to label everything before your movers arrive.  Meaning mark what room an item is going into on the item itself, and have the rooms at your new home marked clearly to match corresponding items. Be [...]

1803, 2020

Moving During the Coronavirus

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Moving during the Coronavirus outbreak is not an ideal situation.  But the reality is, there will still be individuals and businesses that require moving services.  People who have signed a lease and need to be out of their current apartment will likely have no choice but to find moving services to assist them.  The same goes for people who have purchased new homes and already have closing dates set in place.  It is obvious that at this time, people who can stay inside and practice social distancing should do so.  But we're here to discuss the precautions that you and your mover can take to make moving during the coronavirus as safe as possible. Wear Gloves Here at Your Move, we are currently enforcing the wearing of gloves at all times while our movers are working.  This practice will remain in place as long as we are moving during the coronavirus.  As an individual who is moving, you should feel comfortbale asking your movers to wear gloves at this time and have a pair prepared for each of the movers just in case they don't have gloves with them.  Just because some companies are following certain practices, does not mean that all are. Disinfect Your Surfaces Before and After the Move Before and after moving during the coronavirus, be sure to disinfect all of your surfaces.  That goes for your old home and your new home before and after the movers are done.  Don't [...]

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