The Your Move Inc team of highly trained professionals are your best option when choosing Malden movers.  Malden is one of the backbones of our business here at Your Move with our Storage Warehouse conveniently located in the heart of the city.  If you’re located in Malden this can mean a very easy process of getting your items in and out of storage with our Malden Movers located nearby.

Malden is a great city going through many changes with the new Casino being built just down the road.  With easy access to Boston, Route 1 and 93, Malden has become a very desirable location to move to if you’re looking to have easy access to the city without the busy nature of living downtown.  Our Malden movers love helping people and businesses move into this city as we watch it continue to grow.

Our team of Malden movers will show up at your residence or office location, safely prep your items for their transport in our moving trucks, and then deliver your items to their final destination.  Our team also offers packing services if you need help boxing up your items or if you have some very fragile pieces that you aren’t comfortable handling yourself.

We are also a no hidden fee company.  We are not in the business of scamming our customers for more money than they should pay.  We discuss all potential costs upfront with you.  This includes everything from the travel time that will be required, to the cost of each supply if you elect to use them.  Our Malden movers will provide you with the highest level of service and integrity in their approach to your move.

Malden movers