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Patio Furniture Storage

The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced many businesses, particularly in the Boston area where we're located, to move their operations outside if they are able to.  Many restaurants have created outdoor seating to accomodate as many guests as possible.  Acquiring patio furniture for outside seating has been a big part of this outdoor movement.  In [...]

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The Benefits of College Summer Storage

College Summer Storage has become increasingly popular over the past several years.  For a long time now, students have been taking advantage of local storage unit options while they're home for the Summer months.  But over the past several years, the convenience of having a company show up to your college, pick up the [...]

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How to Choose a Storage Unit in Boston

So you've come to the realization that for one reason or another, you're in need of a Storage Unit in Boston. Maybe you're in College and you're moving back home for the Summer and don't want to ship all of your belongings that you'll need again in the Fall. Or maybe you've decided to downsize [...]

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How to Prepare Furniture for Storage

Many people choose storage as a way to keep many of the belongings that they no longer have room for.  A fair amount of planning and coordination can go into the process of figuring out the best storage facility that fits your needs.  For most people, once they figure out where they will store [...]

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College Campus Storage Benefits

There are a number of benefits that come along with college campus storage.  Many of the College/University customers that our team works with in the Boston area find local storage options to be a critical part of their day to day operations.  In this post we'll highlight some of the major reasons why college [...]

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Student Summer Storage

Student Summer Storage is in high-demand in the Boston area.  This will always be the case because of the high-volume of Colleges/Universities located throughout Massachusetts.  Not only has it become tougher to get your hands on a storage unit, but the price for monthly storage continues to climb as many facilities operate under a [...]

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Mattress Storage Tips

When it comes to mattress storage, most people don't have all of the facts that will keep your mattress safe and in tact for the long-term.  A mattress is a major investment these days, running most people over $1,000.  With proper maintenance and handling, a good mattress can also last someone over a decade, [...]

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How to Store a Fridge

When you're making grand plans for putting your items into a storage facility, whether it is self-storage or a full-service warehouse, considering small details like how to store a fridge in the facility often get overlooked.  Most people are not storage experts.  And unfortunately, if you don't take proper precautions before putting your refrigerator [...]

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Why to Consider Commercial Warehouse Storage

Deciding to take advantage of a commercial warehouse storage facility is not something that comes to mind right away when contemplating how to improve business operations.  It is often an afterthought that comes into play once a business is in panic mode because they don't have enough space for all of the stuff they've [...]

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Why Full-Service Storage is the Way to Go

Living in the Greater Boston area, there is a great wealth of options for personal storage.  Whether you’re looking to store your items for a month, or for the next 5 years, it can be overwhelming deciding on a place to keep your belongings.  Below are a few pieces of information to keep in mind [...]

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