Many of our Boston storage customers have chosen to work with Your Move Inc because of our amazing team of professionals and dedication to a high level of service.  Putting your items into storage is a stressful task and we aim to alleviate that stress for you with our full-service storage offerings.  Our team of professional movers will come to your location and collect your items that are going to storage, and return them to you when you’re ready for them.  This cuts out all of the small expenses that add up such as renting a moving truck, hidden monthly rent increases for self-storage lockers, and the potential damage of items due to not storing them correctly.

The demand for storage solutions in Boston has continued to grow with the local population.  There are 35 higher education institutions and 152,000 students in Boston alone.  Much of the areas storage needs derive from students because of the moving in and out of dorms during the summer months.  The Boston storage solutions at Your Move Inc are designed to serve the masses.  Whether you’re in need of storage for 3 months while you’re on summer break from school, or you have 30 boxes down your basement that you don’t want to throw out but have been in your way for years, you can use our team for all of your Boston storage needs.

Boston Storage Factors to Consider

  • What is my monthly storage budget?
  • Will I ever need access to my items in storage?
  • How many rooms worth of storage do I have?
  • Am I equipped to store my items on my own or should I hire a professional team?

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All of the above questions are critical as you make a decision on who you choose for Boston storage.  You want to take the time to evaluate your budget and how much you can spend on a monthly basis for the storage of your items.  You also want to weigh out how much time it will take you to bring your items to storage yourself and to collect them when the time comes.  Self-storage is a convenient local option under the right circumstances.  If you have many items of higher value or large in size, it is best that you hire a professional team like ours here at Your Move Inc.

For a FREE Boston storage estimate fill out the Moving Request form or call us at (617) 623-8545 and we’d be happy to provide all of the information you’ll need.

Boston Storage