Moving during the Coronavirus outbreak is not an ideal situation.  But the reality is, there will still be individuals and businesses that require moving services.  People who have signed a lease and need to be out of their current apartment will likely have no choice but to find moving services to assist them.  The same goes for people who have purchased new homes and already have closing dates set in place.  It is obvious that at this time, people who can stay inside and practice social distancing should do so.  But we’re here to discuss the precautions that you and your mover can take to make moving during the coronavirus as safe as possible.

Moving During the Coronavirus

Wear Gloves

Here at Your Move, we are currently enforcing the wearing of gloves at all times while our movers are working.  This practice will remain in place as long as we are moving during the coronavirus.  As an individual who is moving, you should feel comfortbale asking your movers to wear gloves at this time and have a pair prepared for each of the movers just in case they don’t have gloves with them.  Just because some companies are following certain practices, does not mean that all are.

Disinfect Your Surfaces Before and After the Move

Before and after moving during the coronavirus, be sure to disinfect all of your surfaces.  That goes for your old home and your new home before and after the movers are done.  Don’t just tackle the door knobs and countertops.  We suggest wiping down any containers and furniture that you are able to as well.

We currently have the cab of each of our trucks equipped with Clorox disinfecting wipes and Purell, which our movers are using to wipe down the inside of the truck and their hands each time they enter and exit the vehicle.

Pack As Much as You Can Yourself

The more packing and prepping that your able to do yourself, the less amount of your items will need to be handled by someone else.  If you have all of your items boxes up and ready to go when your movers arrive, they won’t need to touch anything inside of the boxes.  This will make moving during the coronavirus that much safer.  Click HERE for some helpful packing tips!

We hope that this post is helpful for anyone who may be moving furing the Coronavirus outbreak.  Any moving company you choose to work with at this time should take every precaution possible to create a safe environment for you and your items.  If you’re interested in receiving a moving or storage estimate from our team here at Your Move, just fill out our Moving Request Form and we’ll be happy to assist you.