How much will my local move cost?2017-05-24T18:19:40+00:00

We base a free estimate (in-person if convenient for both parties) for a local move on an hourly rate, which includes the drive time for each leg of the move; From the Moving Company to your original home, to your next destination, and then back again to the Moving Company.

How many boxes will I need to move my items?2017-05-24T18:20:14+00:00

Every home is different along with the amount of belongings within that home.  During your free estimate, we encourage you to ask our professional how many boxes they estimate you may need for all of your belongings.

How far in advance should I schedule my move?2017-05-24T18:20:49+00:00

We always encourage our customers to contact us at least 2 weeks prior to their move to allow for flexible scheduling.  During peak moving months, June-September, we encourage 4 weeks notice.  We do understand that our customers don’t always have the notice they’d like and last minute moves do occur.  In this situation we’ll work with you to find the best solution possible.

How can I ensure my items end up in the correct room at my new home?2017-05-24T18:21:20+00:00

Proper labeling is key.  We suggest labeling each box/item with either the room name it will go in (i.e. living room, dining room, 1st bedroom, etc.), or using a color coding system to match each item with their new rooms at the final destination.  It is also critical to label the rooms of the new home you’re moving in to.  This can be done by labeling the door way of each room with the room name or the same color that matches the box/items you want to be in that room.

Is there an additional cost for supplies that are used during my move?2017-05-24T18:22:02+00:00

There is a cost for some of the supplies that could be used during Your Move.  We do not charge for the use of our moving blankets or equipment.  Our team will always be upfront when potentially using something that would have a cost associated with it.  If our team needs to use rolls of moving tape, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, or provide you with additional boxes and/or mattress bags, there is a cost.  The cost for these items is listed on our website, and if any of them are desired in preparation for moving, our team would be happy to drop them off to you.

Can I leave my clothes in dresser drawers when I move?2017-05-24T18:22:31+00:00

At your request, it is possible to leave clothing in dresser drawers when moving, but our team will check the weight and integrity of the dresser to confirm it is safe to do so.  If clothing is left in dresser drawers, we will safely wrap the dresser in shrink wrap and moving blankets to ensure safe transport.  All lose items that may roll or be potentially damaged should always be removed from the dresser.

How will the Movers park the truck at my locations?2017-05-24T18:23:00+00:00

Unless there is a dedicated driveway large enough for a moving truck at each location, you will likely need to contact your local parking office to get permits for the Moving Truck to park on moving day.

Do I need to coordinate with management if I live in an apartment building?2017-05-24T18:23:33+00:00

Yes, you absolutely do.  Your building may require your mover to provide proof of insurance documentation prior to the move.  You will also need to reserve an elevator/loading dock in the building if possible.  This allows our movers to work quickly without sharing the elevator with other tenants or waiting for another vendor to leave the loading dock.  

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