Living in the Greater Boston area, there is a great wealth of options for personal storage.  Whether you’re looking to store your items for a month, or for the next 5 years, it can be overwhelming deciding on a place to keep your belongings.  Below are a few pieces of information to keep in mind when contemplating your next move to storage.

What is Full-Service Storage?

Full-service Storage is the process of hiring a Moving Company to come to your home, pick up the items you’d like to store, and then have the same company bring your items back once you’re ready for them.  This is an option that many people are not aware of.  It can be a major stress reducer, time reliever and money saver.

Shouldn’t I Just Bring My Stuff to Storage Myself?

The most popular options for people are typically to rent a Storage Locker at a Self-Storage facility.  You pick the locker size that you want to rent, how long, and you bring everything there and take it out on your own.  This also typically includes either stuffing your vehicle for multiple trips or renting a U-Haul multiple times to complete this process.

Working with a professional moving company that has a Storage Warehouse also cuts out all of that “do it yourself” time.  When crunching numbers to figure out what the best option is for you, you must take into account what your time is worth.  If you’re going to spend a total of 12 hours bringing your stuff to storage and taking it out, when you could be doing much more productive things (like making money), that time spent should absolutely play a part in your decision.

Working with a professional mover will also provide another layer of security for how your items are prepared for their time in storage.  There are nuances of packing items that a mover will understand, like how to pack away goods for an extended period of time, that you may not be familiar with.  For example, putting boxes that are too heavy on top of lighter boxes or storing the wrong piece of furniture on its side for 6 months can potentially ruin items that are very important to you.

Only Pay for the Space You Need

One of the great pitfalls of putting your belongings into a self-storage facility is that you might not understand how much space you need.  There are typically many options for locker-sizes and a wide range of prices for different sizes.  We see that the majority of lockers people get (sometimes after a strong sales pitch) are far bigger in space than they actually require.  This can cost you a lot of money over time.  Self-storage monthly prices are typically not set in stone either.  Your monthly storage price can increase drastically over a year.  If you’re a set-it-and-forget-it kind of person, you may not even realize this price jump until its way too late.

All of this can be avoided by storing your items with a Professional Moving Company.  For example, here at Your Move Inc. we only charge customers for the amount of space their items take up in our Warehouse.  We don’t require you to make a tough decision on something you don’t know much about (Like how much space your stuff will take up).  Our team takes your items away, professionally packs and wraps them for their stay in our secure Warehouse, and consolidates them as much as possible to ensure our customers are receiving the best and most fare price for the space their items take up.

If you have any questions for the Your Move team regarding our Storage options, you can fill out a Moving Request on our website or call our office at any time at (617) 623-8545.