2602, 2020

How to Move Exercise Equipment

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If you're lucky enough to have built some semblance of a gym in your home, whether it be 1 piece of cardio equipment or a full gym, you're likely to at some point encounter the conundrum of how to move exercise equipment.  Exercise equipment can be very tricky to relocate, and a big part of this is because of the weight of many of the items.  Most pieces of exercise equipment are either big and bulky, or they have have been built inside of your home and need to be taken apart prior to moving just to fit them out. It's also vital to take every precaution when you move exercise equipment because of how expensive most equipment is.  If you do it right the first time, you won't find yourself paying to replace any of the items.  In our opinion, a big part of doing it right is working with professionals to move exercise equipment correctly. Contact the Manufacturer Before you begin to move exercise equipment, assess if any of the items are specialty pieces that may have specific instructions from the manufacturer on the best way to move them.  This can often be true for treadmills, ellipticals and stairmasters.  The larger pieces of cardio equipment can be the trickiest to move.  Ensuring that none of the electrical components inside are impacted during any disassembly/moving is key.  As a rule of thumb, if you aren't sure, contact the manufacturer anyway.  It can't hurt. [...]

1302, 2020

The Benefits of College Summer Storage

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College Summer Storage has become increasingly popular over the past several years.  For a long time now, students have been taking advantage of local storage unit options while they're home for the Summer months.  But over the past several years, the convenience of having a company show up to your college, pick up the items that you won't need for the Summer, and bring them back to you when you return to school the next Fall has become incredibly popular.  This full-service storage model is sweeping up the College Summer storage market across the country.  This is particularly true in major metropolitan cities like Boston where we're located.  There is such a strong concentration of college campuses within a small geographic radius that many companies are taking advantage. Plan Ahead You want to plan your College Summer Storage experience as far in advance as possible.  Find a company that you're comfortable working with that has the rates and reputation you're looking for and book it.  You'll need to identify a pick up date that works for you, and eventually a return date at the end of the Summer as well. Begin assessing your items as well at this time.  Make a list of the items that you won't be bringing with you home over the Summer and figure out what supplies you will need to get these items packed up.  This will make it easy for the College Summer storage company you choose to [...]

2401, 2020

Common Mistakes When Moving Yourself

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Everyone moves at some point in their life, and one way or another, it is always a stressful experience.  But it does not have to be the MOST stressful experience of your life.  The purpose of this blog post on common mistakes when moving yourself is to help people to avoid some of the major faux pas that we see people make.  Most of these issues occur when people choose to do the moving on their own and not hire professionals.  A lot more room for error comes into play when you take the DIY method of moving.  One of the largest factors to keep in mind as you choose to hire a professional or move yourself, is how much your time is worth.  Answering that question will help guide you on which path to take.  But if you do choose to not hire professionals, below you'll find muliple avoidable mistakes when moving yourself. Using the Wrong Sized Vehicle to Move One of the most common mistakes when moving yourself is choosing the wrong sized vehicle for your move.  And there are two ends of the spectrum in this one.  Some people don't realize quite how much stuff they have and think they can move themselves in just their regular car.  Typically for this person, it will end up taking them 100 trips back and forth and way more time than it had too.  The other issue we see is the person who does [...]

601, 2020

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

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When you start a new lease there's a good chance that you'll have to pay a security deposit to the landlord for them to keep in case anything gets damaged while you live there.  Wondering if you'll get your security deposit back doesn't need to be a stressful situation, as long as you take the proper steps from day 1.  We're going to discuss some of the things you can do right when you move in, through the day that you move out, to make sure you get your security deposit back. Take Pictures the Day You Move In If you want to get your security deposit back when you move out, the process starts the day you move in.  Before you even bring any items into the home, you're going to want to do a thorough walkthrough of the place and take photos of any existing damage.  We suggest going as far as testing all the faucets, toilets and showers to check for issues or leaks.  Once you've compiled photos/a list of all of the imperfections, save it and send it to your landlord to make note that these issues were pre-existing.  It will go a long way once it's time to move out. Update Landlord with Any Issues or Enhancements During the time that you love in a home, you should update your landlord any time an issue occurs, immediately.  If you end up fixing the small issue yourself, keep note of [...]

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