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1212, 2017

Moving Tips for Beginners

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If you’ve never moved before (or even if you have) included in this post are some moving tips that our team believes can help you avoid some stress on your moving day. When to Start Packing We suggest beginning the packing process at least 2 weeks out from your moving date.  Waiting until a day or two before you move to begin packing will just create more stress for you.  It will also cause you to either forget something or not leave enough time for you to realize how much stuff you actually have.  By beginning the packing process further in advance, you will save yourself money by allowing your mover to haul your stuff right out upon arrival instead of helping you pack up the goods you haven’t gotten to yet. Moving is the Best Time to Downsize There is no better time to get rid of all of the stuff that you don’t use or have been meaning to throw away then when you’re going through everything to pack it up anyway.  All of those old shirts hanging in your closet you don’t wear, furniture that you’re going to be replacing, or just general clutter that has been living in the dark corners of your basement for the past few years are perfect candidates to be purged.  This again will save you time and money on moving day by reducing the amount of items that need to go to your new home. Proper Labeling This will save you [...]

112, 2017

Should I hire a mover or just do it myself?

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Ahh....the age old question that we in the moving industry consistently hear.  When it comes time to move again, should you seek out quotes from Professional Movers or just rent a truck and lug all of your stuff out of your old home and into your new home on your own (often times by recuiting, or begging, friends and family)? Well, unfortunately there's no perfect answer to this question.  It's much more frequent that a spry young professional will go to U-haul and rent a truck and do their best to tackle this job.  This may be a good fit for someone who's been living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Southie, 3 years out of college, who still frequently hits the gym.  But as people get older, and inevitably accumulate more belongings and start a family, completing a full move yourself into a larger apartment or your new forever home just outside of the city can be a very daunting task. If you are that younger person and don't have a ton of stuff, I say go for it.  Maybe you'll save a few bucks.  But once you get to a point where you really care about the items that you own, like your plasma TV or sweet new couch from Jordan's Furniture, your best bet is going to be hiring a professional moving company. There's a great myth out there that renting a truck or stuffing everything you own in your car for 12 trips back and forth [...]