If you have an upcoming move and you’re trying to figure out things to do while your movers are moving on the big day, you’ve come to the right place.  This is a topic that comes up with our customers quite often and its a situation where its very natural to not know what you should be doing.  Do I just stay out of the movers way?  Should I help?  Its in most people’s nature to not just stand by and watch.  But at the end of the day, this is a service that you’re paying for.  Because of that you should feel completely comfortable doing absolutely nothing on moving day aside from directing your movers when you feel necessary.

Moving is an incredibly stressful experience.  This may cause you to want to keep a close eye on your movers every move.  Ensuring they handle each item with care and don’t damage anything.  But the best things to do while your movers are moving items are the tasks that will keep you busy and make your move easier for yourself and your movers.  Below are some ideas of what to be doing during your move.

things to do while your movers are moving

Ensure Everything is Packed & Labeled

Doing one last check over of your house/apartment can be extremely helpful.  Make sure that everything is properly packed up and labeled so that the rest of your move can go off without a hitch.  Maybe you come across a drawer that you forgot to empty, or a cubpoard that’s still full.  This is time and money that you’ll save yourself by preventing your movers from needing to stop loading items to pack up these last few pieces.

Proper labeling is also critical if you want the moving process to go as quickly as possible.  Make sure each box and piece of furniture has a label for the room they’re going into in your new home.  This makes it so that your movers don’t need to constantly stop to ask you which room a box belongs in.

Pack Your Necessities and Small Valuables in Your Car

One of the best things to do while your movers are moving is to load items into your car that you plan on moving yourself.  This should include any small valuables or personal documents that you are able to transport yourself.  This should also include your overnight box filled with contents that you don’t want to hunt through boxes for the second you move into your new home.

Trust That You Hired a Great Moving Company

You hired the moving company you did because they are professionals and you trust that they will handle your items with care.  Keep this in mind when your instincts tell you to stand by and watch as each item gets loaded into the moving truck.  Your movers need as much space as possible to do their job well.  Let the professionals handle relocating your items and focus on all of the small details that will save you a headache when you get to your new place.

There will be no shortage of things to do while your movers are moving once the big day finally arrives!  If you’re interested in receiving a Moving or Storage quote from the Your Move team, just fill out our Moving Request Form and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.