Planning a last minute move

Planning a last minute move takes one of the most stressful events that a person can go through and magnifies it. Throughout the months of August and September, we come across many clients, some who we can help and some who we are unable to, who call in a panic at the last minute looking for a moving company. It’s not always within a person’s control that they need to move out of a place at the last minute. Below are some tips that our team has come up with to alleviate some of the stress of planning a last minute move.

Make a List of Things You Need to Get Done

You might be thinking, “I don’t have time to make lists I need to move my stuff!” You do have time. Stop for a few minutes and think over each necessary task that belongs on your list that must be achieved before you can move out. Do not include things that are unimportant. This list will allow you to check off each item as you get it done and know what you have left to do at this stressful time.

Hire Movers or Book a Rental Truck

No matter how long your moving To Do list ends up being, this should be the first task on it that you need to get done. In the months of August and September, it is going to be extremely difficult to book a moving company or a rental truck on very short notice. Start calling right away. Have the exact information that these companies need ready to go, such as the precise date/time that you need to move and the logistics of your move. Also, whether you’re booking a mover or a truck rental, try to get more than 1 quote if you have time to do so. Moving company and truck rental costs skyrocket in the peak Summer moving months and you want to get a fair price. Once you’re able to check this item off of your list, your task of planning a last minute move gets a lot less stressful.


Now this is where it is critical to have a plan of what you’re going to pack and how you’re going to handle it. If you’re hiring a mover, figure out early on what you don’t need to worry about what they will get done for you. Also decide what supplies you need right away. Are you going to use boxes or are you going to use trash bags or suitcases to transport many items? Do you have enough tape? How are you going to pack your glassware?

If you’re trying to save as much time as possible, don’t take the time to sort all of your items, specifically your clothes. Pack them as is in boxes or bags and worry about the sorting/folding of them later on. You can also transport your closet items with a trash bag draped over the top of the hooks after making a small hole for the hooks to go through to simplify this as well. For your glassware, you can use soft items such as socks and old newspaper to create padding within a box to keep them safe in transit.

Throw Stuff Away

Only take the items that you need with you. This is incredibly helpful if you’re moving yourself in a rental truck. Take the items that you don’t think need to come to your new place and bring them to the curb. The more stuff you throw away, the less you have to pack and move to your new place. This can save you a ton of time when planning a last minute move.

Setup and Shut Off Your Utilities

You want to make sure that you call your local service providers and set your uutilities to be shut off for when you move out of your current place. You also want to setup service to be turned on at your new place for when you are moving in. If you’re moving on a hot Summer day, you’ll be grateful to have the A/C functioning at your new place as you haul in all of your items!

We hope that this post is helpful if you’re planning a last minute move this Summer. If you’re interested in getting a Moving or Storage estimate from our team for your upcoming move, just fill out our Moving Request Form and we’ll be happy to help!