When it comes to packing clothes for a move, a lot of our customers get overwhelmed.  Clothes are the one thing that we all probably have way too much of and have an incredibly difficult time parting ways with.  Between our closets, drawers, and the bags full of clothes stuffed down our basements that we never wear, it can be difficult to tackle this aspect of the moving process.

Below we’ll provide some detail on the best way to pack your closet items, dresser drawers, and downsizing before your move.  With a few simple tips, we hope to make packing clothes for a move hassle-free the next time you need to relocate.

Packing clothes for a move

Closet Items

Closet items are one area in the clothes packing process where we see people struggle the most.  These are usually items that you deem nice enough to not put into a drawer, which means you’d probably prefer to not cram them into a box either.  For packing a closet or items that are on hangers, we always suggest using Wardrobe Boxes.  This is something you should be able to get from your moving company or at a local home improvement store.  Wardrobe boxes are designed to hold 2 feet of closet space on a metal bar, upright inside of a box.  This means when you’re packing a closet, all you need to do is take your hangers and put them on the metal bar inside the wardrobe box.  When purchasing wardrobe boxes be sure to measure your closet space in 2 foot increments to know how many total warebrobe boxes you’ll need to fit all closet items.

Pro tip: Pack your shoes, scarves, belts and other miscellaneous closet items in the bottom of the wardrobe box to maximize space.

Dresser Items

Now when it comes to packing the clothes you have in dresser drawers, you have a whole lot more options.  Our suggestion is to remove your drawers from the dresser, and shrink wrap the drawers individually.  This way you don’t need to pack all of your clothes in boxes.  Your mover is unlikely to move a large dresser filled with clothes anyway, as it can cause the dresser to collapse if too heavy.  This allows you to easily pack your clothing, and lighten the load of your dresser.

If you’re packing clothes for a move from a lightweight dresser, you may be able to leave all of your clothes inside and just stretch wrap the outside of the dresser to ensure its secure.  By lightweight dresser we mean 1 person can lift it without too much trouble and its a solid piece of furniture (not made of particle board).

Get Rid of Old/Unused Clothes

When packing clothes for a move, the best thing that you can do is start by getting rid of any clothing that you no longer need.  You can either give clothes away to someone you know who may want them, donate them to your favorite local charity that accepts clothes, or throw them away.  This is your one chance to get rid of all of those storage totes full of clothes in the basement that have been collecting dust.

Alternate Options

Some other options when packing clothes for a move are to take advantage of low-budget solutions.  For example, the items hanging in your closet can be packed into trash bags on their hanger by poking a hole for the hanger in the top of the bag and tying the botton of the trash bag to secure the clothing.  If you have luggage in your home that needs to be moved anyway, you can fill the luggage with clothing to save money on boxes.

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