moving one piece of furniture

People will frequently contact us to ask what they think is a crazy question (To us, it is not). “Can I hire your movers to just move one piece of furniture?” When we reply with a simple yes, the sound of shock and joy on the other end of the phone is always satisfying. Many people have this idea that in order to hire movers, you need to have some massive task at hand or else it will not be worth their time. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at Your Move, many of our jobs are smaller moving jobs that are sprinkled among the rest of the moving that we do. Whether you’re hiring a mover to move a full home, or to move just one piece of furniture for you, the level of service you receive should be exactly the same.

Some of these requests are to move one piece of furniture, and some require much more moving within the home. We refer to these as internal moving or home-rearranging requests. Sometimes people want to alter the entire configuration of their home and their furniture is just too heavy to do this small moving on their own. This is a perfect reason to hire movers.

Just last week our team of movers was hired to move one piece of furniture, a very large toolbox on wheels, from a customer’s basement out to their garage. Our team was happy to help! No job should be considered too small for any moving company. Here at Your Move, we send our movers to assist whenever one of our loyal customer’s is in need of some moving help.

We hope that you found this post useful and are not afraid to reach out to a professional for some help the next time you need to just move one piece of furniture or do some rearranging within your home. If your interested in working with our team, just fill out our Moving Request Form and we’ll be happy to help!.